BLP or Building Learning Power is a new approach to learning that all of us at Four Oaks Primary and the other Four Oaks Cluster schools are now concentrating on. All of us, both adults and children can continually develop our learning skills but we mustn't assume that our children will just naturally "pick it up" as they go along. We believe that we can all learn every day of our lives and so we are now concentrating on the different elements needed to become lifelong successful learners. The creator of Building Learning Power is Professor Guy Claxton and he explains that we all need to concentrate on 4 different learning dispositions, which are :






These four learning dispositions can be thought of as groups of learning muscles and just as our own bodily muscles need exercise to grow in strength so it is the same for our learning muscles. If we practise thinking about these dispositions then we can develop the strength and stamina of our learning muscles, so lets start exercising those muscles. Why not click on one of the 4 Rs above to learn a bit more about what ingredients are involved in the recipe of a successful learner!

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