At Four Oaks Primary School we aim to provide opportunities for the children to develop their understanding of the world around them as well as an awareness of how Science relates to every day life.  The children are encouraged to adopt and develop a spirit of enquiry through a variety of activities including investigative problem solving and tasks which promote Scientific thinking and extend the children’s Scientific vocabulary.

Links are made with Science and many other subjects including Maths, Literacy, ICT and Design Technology and many of the Key Aspects of learning from National Curriculum and objectives from the Every Child Matters Agenda are embedded in our Science Curriculum.

In the Foundation Stage, Science is taught as part of the ' Knowledge and Understanding of the World ' Learning Goal which involves the children investigating and discussing things, places and people around them.  In Key Stages One and Two, we cover the National Curriculum objectives which include Scientific Enquiry, Life Processes and Living Things, Materials and Their Properties and Physical Processes (electricity, forces, light, sound and the Earth and beyond).

   Science is fun ! 

It is exciting to find out about the world we live in !

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