Here at Four Oaks Primary School we have gone into partnership with Birmingham University and have become part of their "Hi-Temp Project". This is a project designed to map the whole of Birmingham in terms of temperature to see where the hottest and coolest places are. On Thursday 24th January the scientists from Birmingham University will be coming to school to install a temperature sensor on site and we will become one of over a hundred schools where they will be taking temperature data from. The information that they get from this year long project will be used to have a positive impact on mnay people's lives in terms of health, transport infrastructure and energy consumption.

Here in school Mr Benton's maths set in Y6 have been busy doing their very own Hi-Temp Project mapping the school site in terms of temperature. They have been taking temperature readings in 16 different locations around school to try and work out some conclusions about all of the variables and constants influencing temperature both inside and outside the school building.

Have a click on the thumbnail photos below to see the children in action, and then click on the title of this page to learn more about the Hi-Temp Project !


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