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Click on the Radio 2 link above to here some fantastic news about three of our Year 6 pupils !


 Click on the blue button above to read our first newsletter of the Summer Term !


 Now that our Spring chicks have flown away the webcam on our school birdbox has been switched back on. There is plenty of nesting material inside it so who knows what may happen soon. Just clcik on the ??? above and keep your eyes peeled and please let us know if you see any birds using it !



 Why not click on the gymnast above to see two videos of our Year 5 pupils demonstrating their gymnastic abilities in school just before half-term !


Click on the red nose above to see a photo of some of our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils meeting Lynne from Sainsburys in Mere Green, who came to school to say a big thank you for supporting them in raising so much money for their Comic Relief campaign this year !



Our chicks have gone back to their original home on the farm now. Keep your eyes peeled after Easter as we will have a compilation of all the exciting moments from their time at school from tiny eggs to big chicks !

Happy Easter !


Why not click on the link above to view an exciting new addition to our school garden donated by one of our very generous parents, Mr Ward !


Did you enjoy Y4's assembly on Ancient Romans or did you miss it first time round. Well, just by clicking on the roman above you re-live every entertaining moment !


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