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Martha(about a week ago)

Thank you for putting the certificate I won at Highclare school on the school website. I really enjoyed going to Highclare and winning two certificates although I didn't win. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathan(about a week ago)

Likes four oaks primary school

jessica miller(less than a month ago)

This school is brilliant. I couldn't ask for anything more. I will miss you in High school.

Leighton(a couple of months ago)

All of the people in this school are amazing!!!!!!

Leighton(a couple of months ago)

Thank all of the people who made this school the best!!!!!

Martha(a couple of months ago)

I love it in juniors because you can get tuck. But yesterday I lost 60p in the playground. I have found my 10p but I can't find my 50p. So if you find 50p in the playground please give it to me.

Erin(a couple of months ago)

I had an amazing summer but I’m so glad to be back at school

Sophie(a couple of months ago)

i am so excited to be a school council i think this year is going to be the best!

Martha(a couple of months ago)

So glad to be back at school I've had a great first week in 3KS. I love our ancient egyptains topic aswell .

Lily Mcflae(a couple of months ago)

I love this school even though I don’t attend

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