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Lilah(less than a week ago)

I think four oaks is the best place ever!!!

Ben Horton(about a week ago)

Thanks Mrs Bambury for picking my name out of the raffle. I was so excited !!!!!!!

Freya Rhodes(about a week ago)

Hi, Me and my friends think this is a special school because it is AMAZING!!!!! and KIND!!!!!school!!!!

Lilah(about a week ago)

I can't wait to go to Cadbury World its so exciting!!!

Kareena rai(about a week ago)

I love going to school thanks for a lovely Christmas term and excited to see what we are going to do in the future

FreyaRhodes(about a week ago)

Hi Mr Benton, Me and my friends think this is a very lovely school !!!!!!!!!! It is every think.

Kiran(about a week ago)

Today February 12th I am glad that we have started our new history topic about the Mayans it's got loads of interesting things. The

Fina Petty(about a week ago)

i loved school today especially in the ICT suite and maths.!!!!!

Scarlett(about a week ago)

I love school so much that I'm always reading

Sophie Turner(about a week ago)

I love the radio show I think that it makes the website more... interesting and fun!!!

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