In the Foundation Stage, Literacy is taught in many different ways. The teaching of reading and writing is developed alongside the great emphasis we place upon spoken language. We combine elements of more than one approach to the teaching of phonics and the acquisition of sight vocabulary.

Reading is supported by a range of published books from which children make their own   choices, including those in the Reading Challenge book boxes and a number of ‘schemes’

which give the children a breadth of experience.

In Key Stages 1 and 2, we continue to extend children’s ability to recognize words by sight, teach use of phonic skills regularly and encourage children to build upon early experiences    and gain self confidence as writers. Spellings linked to phonic foci and topics studied are set weekly. Children learn to identify different genres and read, discuss and write to put their knowledge into practice. Again, more than one reading scheme is employed to develop reading skills with both fiction and non fiction texts. Although reading permeates all areas of the curriculum, guided reading sessions are regularly undertaken. A range of strategies for interpretation of the written word are taught. Discussions take place where children talk and write to demonstrate their comprehension of studied material and share their opinions and knowledge.

Technology regularly features in Literacy lessons and Literacy skills impact upon our Creative Curriculum in the form of interactive whiteboards, laptops, i-Pads, cameras and Bug Club on-line. Visual Literacy is a valuable aspect of our curriculum.

In Years 5 and 6 children's writing is uploaded onto the website "Pobble" where others can celebrate and comment upon their work.

Through plays, poetry, assembly performances, debates, PowerPoint presentations and hot-seating children develop their oral skills.

Should children need extra support with their reading and writing, they are supported by a number of different interventions.

Pupils at Four Oaks enjoy support from parents who give time to come into classes as well as supporting their children at home.

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