The Dyson DT Challenge 2010  


On June 8th 2010 Year 6 pupils took part in a design challenge put to them by students from Birmingham City University based around a kit of equipment provided by the famous Dyson company. After looking at how a Dyson vaccum works, the children were challenged to design a machine that would do something by either blowing out or sucking in air. The children had to work in small groups, giving themselves a company name, showing imagination and real teamwork, and then present their product idea to the whole of Year 6 just like in 'Dragon's Den' !

In the end it was 'Team Breakthrough' who won so congratulations go to Euan, Sasha, Matthew, Josh, Rosie, William, Alex, Ben, Hannah and Emily. Who knows, maybe someone in Year 6 will take the place of James Dyson as Britain's premier inventor in the future !

Why not view photographs of the fun that Year 6 and the BCU students had on the day by clicking on the video below !

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