Four Oaks Primary school promotes the 'Take 10' programme every morning during registration.  Young leaders make up new routines to teach to their peers or it’s just a fun aerobic session following the official 'take Ten' DVD.


It engages children of all ages in a fun and lively way, as they learn easy routines to pop music and have a great time!  After this fun start to the day the children approach their class work re-energised and in a’ state of readiness to learn’.

If you don't believe us then just take a look at this video !

Where it has been taking place regularly over a long and sustained period of time, schools have reported an impact in the following area:-


  • Enjoyment of school life and a sense of well-being (staff too!)
  • Improved self-esteem impacting on other curriculum areas: ‘success breeds success’
  • Improved co-ordination (gross motor skills then impacting on fine motor skills)
  • Improved rhythm and timing ( this has helped with music and dance lessons)
  • Improved attention and application to tasks immediately after the brief exercise session.
  • Increased stamina
  • Improved behaviour (when done at the end of lunchtime, playground squabbles are often forgotten and afternoon class is much better)
  • Improved hydration (children get thirsty and WANT to drink more)

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