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Susan Hill(about a month ago)

Excellent way of communicating with parents, Always up date, this information to keep everyone involved up to date what’s going on & where! Well done

martha Van Arkadie(about a month ago)

school is the best because we get a waterfight, we get to watch the greatest showman, we get to practice for tuck, we get mathletics, we get bug club and we get purple mash. I like mathletics and bug club a lot.

martha(about a month ago)

i'm having such a good holiday are you? it's also been really sunny but it rained yesterday! I also loved the water fight that all the infants got to do! I really enjoyed it

Martha and jessica(about a month ago)

What are you doing this summer?

Holly Bina(about a month ago)

I am in Arthur Terry and want to be in this school it’s amazing

Emma Crothers(a couple of months ago)

I wasn't feeling particularly happy until I clicked on the reception children dancing and saw my little boy dancing his socks off - this has cheered me up no end. It's nice to get a glimpse of what they are doing in school - thank you :)

Millie Mae Fisher Farrell(a couple of months ago)


martha Van Arkadie(a couple of months ago)

we love squishies so glad that you havn't band them from school thank so much for letting us practice for tuck

martha(a couple of months ago)

having a good holidays. are you having fun as well as me?

Millie Mae Fisher Farrell(a couple of months ago)

I’m in wales and I miss school

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