Click on the picture links below to link to pupils' work throughout the school for the academic year 2011-12.



Why not click on the "World Wildlife Fund" image to see what they said to James in Year 4 when he raised £120 for them. Well done James!


Did you enjoy Georgia's rap in the Leavers' Assembly ? Well here's your chance to hear it again !Just click on the writing pad to see her hard work!


Click on the "Keep Calm" poster to read a letter sent from Buckingham Palace to the children of 3B!

Lots of our pupils' portraits are now on the "Face Britain" website and these pictures are due to be projected onto Buckingham Palace on Thursday 19th April so why not take a look!

Click on the gymnast to see a fantastic certificate won by Millie Balu in Reception. She gained first place in The City of Birmingham Recreational Gymnastics Scheme Competition 2012Well done Millie!


Click on the photo to see what happened when our pupils' portraits from "Face Britain"were projected onto Buckingham Palace.


3C have written letters to the Queen wishing her well in her Diamond Jubilee year.Click on the flag to read the letter she has sent to them, or click here to see her royal crest on the envelope from Buckingham Palace!

Why not click on the flag to read a super poem all about the Queen's Diamond Jubilee from an animals point of view, written by Isobel Goodman in Year 6.

Well done Isobel!

See what happened when the Cottontail class staged their very own class Olympics!

Why not click on the erupting volcano to see the Tiggywinkle Class' very own news reports all about volcanoes!

Ever heard of a MIPTOR ? It's a mysterious fire breathing animal that Richard in Year 6 has written about.

Click on the fire breathing tortoise to find out more!


What happens when a class of Year 1 pupils visit a space centre ?

Found out by clicking on the rocket and watching the Puddleduck Class!


If you click on the sleeping Moon then you will be able to find out what Year 5 have been up to recently with biscuits in their project about Space!


Click on the shape to play a great game of "guess the 3D shape", using models created by our Year 6 classes!


Click on the blurry picture to play a guessing game - do you know the answers to Year 2's fabulous riddles?

If you click on the pile of Christmas presents you can read a super poem written by Sarina in 3B.

It's fantastic!


Why not click on the hand rolling the dice to see what mathematical fun Year 5 have been having creating their own Maths games.


 Click on the firework to see a truly fantastic piece of artwork created on the computer by Ben in Year 1. Well done Ben!

If you click on the red number 6 you can read a super poem written by Amy and Lucy all about being in Year 6.

It's wonderful!

Why not click on the Victorian man to read some super Victorian poems by our Year 6 pupils!


Why not click on the poppy to read a fantastic poem all about

Remembrance Day written by two of our Year 6 pupils !


Why not click on the green dragon to see a fantastic art project by 4T - it's really worth a look!


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