Click on the picture links below to link to pupils' work throughout the school for the academic year 2010-11.

 Why not click on the picture of the evacuees to read a fantastic interview written by Olivia Cox in Year 6 where she talks to two family friends who lived through the Second World War.
Click on our colourful paintbrush to have a look at some amazing art work created by some of our year 6 pupils this week. Now that SATs is over their creative talents have been running wild!
Maddy in Year 5 did a fantastic piece of writing this week all about a short film called 'The Piano'. Why not feel the emotion of the writing by clicking on the piano icon.
Click on the pencil picture to read a super poem all about friends by Georgia in Year 6 !
Our Infant pupils had a great time on Wednesday dressing up as pirates for their Maths Day!

Click on the Jack Sparrow to read a poem by two of our pirate crew!

 Why not click on the smiling face to read an inspiring poem by Sophie in Y6 all about the power of a smile !
Why not click on the pig to watch and listen to a talking book made by Year 2, all about a pig who wants to fly !
Why not click on the bicycle to view some super shape poems written by pupils in 3MS !
Why not click on the zoo sign to read a great poem by Emma and Georgina in Y6 all about the animals hiding in 6J !
Why not click on the buffalo to see some fantastic animal fact files put together by pupils in Year 3 !
Click on the geometric pattern to view some amazing rose patterns made by Mr Benton's Year 6 maths set using the computer program LOGO !
Click on our two wartime children to read some fantastic pieces of writing by three of our Year 6 stars !
Click here to read a letter sent to Mrs Jones by a microbiologist from the Manor Hospital in Walsall after a visit to school !


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