The National Junior Schools Quiz

Championships 2011

Our team (George, Nathan, Jamie & Michael) recently took part in the local heats of the National Junior Schools' Quiz Championships.

See if you are up to the task of answering some of the questions that they were faced by :

1 In what year did the Great Plague attack London ?

2Which word is the odd one out : Private; Corporal; Warrant Officer; Constable ?
3Which is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature ?
4In which continent is the Kalahari Desert ?
5Which inert gas is used to light up some advertising signs ?
6Which actor gives his voice to 'Woody' in the 'Toy Story' films ?
7What is the largest country in the Commonwealth ?
8Who wrote the music for the ballet 'Swan Lake' ?
9Which scientist was famous for discovering a vaccination for smallpox ? 
10Which planet in the solar system has 63 moons ?

Junior pupils - If you know the answer to any of these questions then let Mr Benton know -

there are house points on offer !

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