Bird Box Diary 2012 


Our video diary is now out!

Watch it below, or scroll down to see the original bird box diary that was updated in picture form as we went along!


On Monday 9th January 2012, we checked the bird box camera on the off-chance and spotted this little fellow resting in our birdbox. We're not sure what type of bird he is, but hopefully he'll come back so we can have a better look at him! 

Near the end of January 2012, Amy in Year 6 spotted our resident bird in the box and managed to capture some footage onto her computer at home.

Amy got some great shots of him looking up at the camera! She brought this footage into school, and look at the great pictures we have of "Jeff"!

From the markings on the bird, it appears that Jeff is infact a blue tit. He seems to be using our nesting box as a cosy hideout for the cold nights we've been having.

If you visit our Four Oaks TV page, you will be able to watch Amy's video - notice how puffed up Jeff gets his feathers to keep himself warm!

Well done Amy on the great video and pictures!


At the end of March Jeff seemed to be clearing out the birdbox. All the bits of dirt had been removed and a few bits of grass and plant matter had appeared.

We wondered if this was the start of a nest?

The picture opposite was taken on the 29th March.

The very next day (30th March) we took another picture - look how much material has now been brought into the box over the space of only 24 hours!

Mr Benton and a few others have reported seeing Jeff with a mate, although nobody seems to have managed to get a snap of them yet - can anyone help to add a picture to our birdbox diary?

Mrs Johnson was watching the birdbox on the 17th April - here is a pleased Jeff sitting in his nest, which is now looking very well built up!

Mrs Johnson also managed to get this pic on the same day of Jeff and his mate "Jess" together.

She says she has noticed that the two can be told apart because Jess has four white spots on her back, while Jeff only has the one!

Here's another picture from Mrs Johnson. On the 20th April, the sun must have been shining brightly on the box, as we can see Jess in full colour. Her markings are incredibly bright!

You will now notice that the birds have found some animal fur to add to all the plant material they have been using to build the nest. That should be nice and cosy! Now let's hope for some eggs...

Hurrah! As of 26th April, we now have two very small eggs in our birdbox.

On the week beginning 14th May, we have 8 eggs in the nest. Jess has been sitting on them for around a week now and they should be due to start hatching any day now! Who will be first to spot a baby Blue Tit?

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